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Design Portfolio

Our Design Style
We design gardens to be sympathetic to their surroundings and the architecture of your home, whilst tending to add a modern and contemporary twist. As can be seen from the examples in our portfolio, we like to design our hardlandscaping using strong geometric shapes and then use plants with lots of texture to soften those lines to create a practical yet beautiful outdoor space. The size, shape and landscape of every garden is individual and rather than simply replicating other gardens we work hard to include elements you may have seen elsewhere in a style and layout that works best for your garden.
"Philip is not from the stable of garden designers who produce exquisite watercolours of how your garden ‘might’ be. He is practical to a fault. He deals with the unforeseen with a problem-solving mentality and with good humour.   He will overcome logistical problems to give you the skeleton of a garden that will work in terms of how you use it - drainage, location, soil, aspect etc. and then and only then he will flesh it out and make it pretty. That is definitely the right way round. " Andrew and Mary (Highbury)
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