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Philip Woodburn - Garden Designer
FORK Garden Design was founded in autumn 2010 by garden designer and plantsman, Philip Woodburn. Philip began building up his knowledge of the natural world whilst growing up on the edge of The Lake District, where he spent most of his early years exploring the local countryside. learning about the flora and fauna. His passion for exploration led Philip t travel the world seeking out amazing sites and aiding in the protection of wildlife in the jungles of Borneo.
A graduate of London's prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, Philip has a diploma in Garden Design. Whilst working for several years as Construction Project Manager for BBC Gardener's World presenter Joe Swift, Philip has overseen 130 garden projects, ranging from small private courtyards to large-scale commercial gardens.
Photo of Philip Woodburn, director of FORK Garden Design
Philip has also managed one of north London's major commercial plant nurseries, making frequent trips around the UK and Europe sourcing plants for the British commercial plant market.
This unique combination of experience in garden design, construction, project management and commercial plant sales has equipped Philip with the tools to deliver superior quality projects and manage a successful garden design business.
Following a move from London to Dorstone, near Hereford, in 2016, Philip expanded FORK to service clients in rural Herefordshire as well as continuing to work on city gardens throughout London. In 2017 he shared his knowledge by running a garden design course at Hereford College of Arts.
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