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Multi-level Roof Terrace

High class roof terrace, lit up at night, consisting of expensive garden sofas, dining table and large olive trees in large black planters
Working for London property developers, Residence One, in association with interior designers Laura Hammett Ltd, we created this large stylish roof terrace on the first floor of an elegant newly developed town house in the heart of Belgravia.
Garden sofa set and outdoor rug on limestone paving, surrounded by white rendered walls and artificial hedges
The project consists of three outdoor areas at the rear of the property on different levels. The first being a small basement courtyard, planted with cloud topiary Myrtle and two sofas. One level up there is a narrow balcony planted with clipped Buxus balls in powder-coated metal planters. The final level is a large roof terrace, paved in limestone, with a boundary of artificial Boxwood hedging in powder-coated containers.
Photo showing three roof terraces on three different level, with garden lighting, comprising outdoor sofa sets, mature olive trees and clipped buxus balls
The terrace is dressed with lovely outdoor sofas and a dining table that seats six people. Four large, old, Olea Europea trees are strategically placed to divide the areas into different zones.
Old rotten decking surrounded by crumbling rendered walls

The roof terrace before

Unused for several years, this roof terrace was in an awful state with rotten decking, unsecure fencing and crumbling walls. Following the redevelopment of the entire house, the terrace was renovated to the highest standard to match the interior.
Mature olive trees in pots, sitting on an urban street

Logistical issues

As with mainly roof terraces, access was difficult. Four large olive trees had to be crane lifted over the house with only inches of clearance. The resulting effect on the terrace was well worth the hassle.

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