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West Hampstead Front Garden

Paved garden steps leading to a black house door, with blue sky and a painted dark grey fence
After being overlooked and neglected for many years, the owners of the flats in this lovely Victorian conversion in leafy West Hampstead decided it was time to give their beautiful building the entrance it deserved.
Beige paved garden steps with white rendered walls and dark grey painted fence, against a bright blue sky on a sunny day
The existing orange tiled steps were removed and replaced with bull-nosed sawn and sandblasted Indian sandstone, sealed to keep the dirt out before being laid. A large existing concrete slab was removed and a new forecourt installed, also in Indian sandstone to match the steps.
White rendered garden walls with bespoke beige sandstone copping stones
Walls on either side of the steps were rebuilt, rendered and painted brilliant white before being capped with bespoke made coping stones, also sealed to prevent dirt penetration.
Close up of a flght of sawn sandstone garden steps with white rendered garden wall
Finally a trio of fiberstone pots with clipped Buxus balls were placed along the boundary to add a touch of green to the crisp new front garden.
Three tall stripy plant pots with clipped buxus sempervirens balls, against a dark grey painted fence

"Our front entrance steps were in very poor condition, and water was leaking into the basement room below. Fork Garden Design stripped and rebuilt our front entrance stair and forecourt.

The work included rebuilding the stair walls as the existing structure was crumbling away; re-rendering the external walls with a layer of fibre-mesh underlay to reinforce the structure; and paving the steps and forecourt with high quality sandstone slabs. During the construction, Fork Design also coordinated with the waterproofing specialist to sequence the work."

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Bright red tiled garden steps leading up to a front door
Landscapers refurbishing a flight of steps in a garden

The garden before

Untouched for years, the tiles were loose with missing grout causing water to penetrate into the strorage room below. The side walls were unstable due to the years of damp seeping through the render.

During the build

Once work was underway it became evident that the existing rendered walls were unsafe and therefore needed to be taken down and rebuilt before being rendered, painted and capped with bespoke sandstone copping stones.

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