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Small Lawned Town Garden

Small lawned garden with evergreen planting, york stone patio and cedar fence
Not all of our clients are private individuals, some are property developers, like the owners of this proprty for whom we have built several gardens over the last few years.
Small garden design with lawn and lavender plants
This garden is tucked way in a very quiet street in the Brompton Quarter of Knightsbridge, London. The property was purchased by a high-end developer in 2010 and had undergone a complete refurbishment over the past 12 months before we were called in to address the garden and balconies.
Overhead view of a nice small town garden with a small square lawn, york stone patio and evergreen plants
We have worked with this particular developer on several projects in the past and have a very good understanding of the style and quality required to successfully link the outside with the newly designed interior.
Stone patio leading to a lush green lawn in a small garden. Designed with a slatted cedar screen, water feature and evergreen planting
Small garden before landscaping works are carried out. Brick walls and cement mixer

The garden before

Used as a builders dumping area during the house renovation, the garden was covered with bags of rubble and crusty cement, all of which had to be removed before nice, new topsoil and hardcore were imported.
A walled small garden being planted on an overcast day

During the build

The rear of the garden housed a large air conditioning unit that required screening, whilst also being accessible for maintenance. The solution was to hide the rear section of the garden with a cedar screen that contained a jib-door.

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