Tropical Style Garden

We turned this overgrown garden into a tropical paradise in the centre of Richmond. Several years of neglect had caused the view over the river from the bottom of this south facing patch to be obscured by overgrown shrubs that crowded the boundaries making the garden feel much smaller than it actually was.
The brief from the client was simple - create something with lots of colour and a pond that would make her feel like she was on holiday everytime she looked out of the window.We cleared the entire garden and started from scratch.
There was a slight level change so we created a sunken planted area and a pond with a floating grid walkway at the same level as the main garden. A deep pond, stocked with fish, wraps around a raised deck that provides an area to sit and look out over the Thames.
Colourful planting and a lighting scheme completed the look to make this a garden to really escape the stresses of a hectic week.
"Fork's garden design and project management ability was fantastic. The service was great - they were really flexible, taking the practical elements that were important to me into account, while also offering really creative and innovative ideas to give the garden a 'wow factor'. They were absolute perfectionists when it came to the building aspects, while also working very quickly. They've completely transformed the garden; I feel like I'm on holiday when I'm in it! It also looks so much bigger now, and has even made an impact on my flat by letting more light in and making my home overall feel more spacious and bright. I'm thrilled with the results! "
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The garden before

Looking more like a jungle than a garden, the plants on the left hand boundary took up almost half the garden, leaving just a narrow strip of patchy grass and a few hidden stepping stones. The view of the Thames was blocked by brambles and tall weeds.

CGI concept image

SketchUp was used to create a 3D image of the garden, before the works began,to help the client visulise what the design would look like once complete.

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