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Small City Garden

Unloved and unused, this small garden on a quiet road in north London, was totally transformed. What was once a poorly decked space, with cracked walls and filthy pebbles, is now a fantastic modern garden, full of colour and clean lines. A large rotten deck was removed and we designed the garden to work with the remaining slope by creating three distinct levels. 
An old crumbling raised bed was removed and replaced with a sandstone capped, zig-zag brick wall to retain the neighbouring garden whilst increasing the area of planting. Two bespoke cedar benches were designed to fit the space, along with a cedar clad outdoor storage cupboard. 
The garden was paved with Indian sandstone to lighten the whole area, whilst colourful planting is reflected in a long wall mounted mirror with a cedar frame. City gardens may be small, but this garden shows how even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed with some clever garden design.

The garden before

CGI concept image

The garden consisted mainly of an old slippy wooden deck, covered in a jumble of plant pots containing a random selection of shrubs and perennials. Unused by the owners, the garden, although small, had the potential to be a both interesting and easy to maintain.
Following a detailed survey of the garden we used SketchUp to model new layout ideas before developing a final CGI from various angles to illustrate to the clients how the finished garden would look.

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