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Medium Town Garden

Silver birch trees in large lawned garden with big buxus balls and york stone paving
This property already had a fairly established garden before it was completely removed to allow for a new basement being built underneath the entire footprint of the garden. We had the task of designing a stylish, mature looking garden on top of the new basement roof, with only a maximum depth of 80cm of soil.
Group of large clipped buxus balls in a flowerbed next to a sawn york stone patio
The site had several new concrete beams running across it that only allowed a maximum build depth of 15cm. The added complication of three large circular skylights across the garden made the design stage more challenging.
V-shaped flowerbed with large buxus balls, heuchera palace purple and alchemilla mollis
One of the prerequisites from the client was that there must be a large lawn, trees and sculptural planting in the garden. With some careful thought and lots of scribbling out ideas we finally found a solution that covered all bases and looks good. These photographs were taken six months after planting had been completed.
Bright green foliage of trees and shrubs in a stylish garden with a central lawn
Large oval lawn surrounded by sawn york stone paving in a well planted garden with lovey brick walls
CAD layout plan of an odd shaped garden design

Garden Layout Plan

We use several different design software packages at various stages of the design process. 3D digital sketch software is used in the early stages to create concepts and quick visuals. We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create the final detailed layout plants and construction details.
Detailed planting plan for a large garden design

Planting Plan

We're passionate about plants. We draw up a detailed planting plan for each project, showing the name, quantity and location of each plant. 

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