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Why are front gardens overlooked and unloved?

Maybe it's because of the gloomy weather today, but on my walk in to the office this morning I noticed, more so than usual, how many messy front gardens there are in the neighbourhood. We spend lots of time and money making the inside of our homes lovely and cosy, yet we neglect the area literally on our doorstep. Why? 

Maybe it’s because many of us these days live in flats and the front gardens are communal spaces that nobody wants to be responsible for, or maybe we are just all too busy rushing in and out that we don’t notice the cracked paving, weeds and crumbling walls. It’s a shame, but it’s something we can change quite easily.

Red tiled garden steps

Towards the end of last year we were contacted by an architect who lived in a lovely redbrick townhouse. She had been carrying out quite substantial work to the building and interior and now wanted to tackle the front entrance as it was letting the rest of the property down. 

She wanted to rebuild the front steps, remove a large chunk of concrete and update the whole area with new attractive paving and a lick of paint.

Sandstone paved garden steps with rendered concrete walls next to a grey painted fence

Although the actual layout of the garden remained the same, just updating everything completely enhanced the front of the house, so much so that one of the neighbours approached us about revamping their garden too.

Over the last 12 months we have worked on more front gardens than ever before, so hopefully people are starting to see that making the entrance to their homes look nice is worth the effort.

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